Bespoke Bridal Makeup


Christina is experienced in providing a bespoke wedding makeup service, empowering women to feel beautiful on their magical day; to work closely with brides to create a look that enhances natural beauty, expresses character and inspires self-confidence. From trial to aisle, Christina is committed to understanding your individual needs, where you can always be assured of her support and professionalism.

I can’t thank Chrissie enough for the brilliant job she did on my wedding day... Nerves and stress levels were running high but Chrissie made me feel at ease and I knew my face was in really good hands. I simply can’t recommend her enough.
— Becky Christopher, Monmouthshire
I would absolutely recommend Chrissie for wedding makeup! The trial was brilliant, she really listened to what I wanted and created something I never thought possible.
— Joanna Christoffersen, Somerset

Frequently Asked Questions with Christina

How do you manage the consultation and trial process?

I always allow approximtamtely two hours for the consultation and trial appointment. I endeavour to be as thorough as possible because I believe make-up design and application is an extremely personal process. I like to provide a bespoke service, spending time getting to know each bride to ensure we share the same vision.

The first thing I do to prepare my bride for her consultation and trial appointment is to encourage the collection of make-up inspiration images. I think a visual guide is always a fantastic starting point and allows the bride to really focus on what she would like to look like on her special day. I think it is crucial that a bride feels in control of her make-up and feels confident contributing throughout the trial process.

I spend approximately twenty minutes talking with my bride before any make-up application. The majority of trials take place in my beautiful studio based in Monmouth, where I like to create a comfortable and relaxing environment using music and scented candles. I also offer refreshments, including tea, coffee, cold beverages, biscuits, cake etc to encourage my client to relax and feel at ease.

To make the most out of the consultation, I designed a form that affords the documentation of significant details: the colour scheme or theme of the wedding; hair design; dress colour/ style and flower arrangements. I then ask my bride about her make-up history and current beauty routine to establish their personal knowledge and use of products. I also like to firmly identify any likes or dislikes of make-up styles, colours and/or brands.

I then ask my bride about her ideal wedding makeup; what does it look like, how would she describe it, does it evoke a certain feeling… together with this information and any visual stimuli, we design a personalised bridal look and ultimately move to the makeup chair.

For some, the make-up chair can be quite a daunting place, exposing vulnerability and apprehension, so I focus on open communication, guiding my client step by step through the make-up application. I also offer clients the opportunity to hold a mirror to review my work throughout.

Once the make-up application is complete, I encourage my bride to openly discuss her thoughts and feelings. If requested, I try to be as accommodating as possible when making changes and alterations. I do offer guidance and expert advice but ultimately respect that the client must feel comfortable and make the final decision about their make-up.

When the bride is 100% happy and with permission, I take “after” photographs to capture the makeup from all angles; this allows me to recreate the look accurately on her wedding day. I also document all products used as this allows me to be as organised as possible when packing my kit.

I was so pleased with my bridal makeup, I can’t thank you enough. It was exactly what I wanted and you listened to every detail at my trial. I thought you were very professional and friendly on both occasions, as did the rest of my bridal party.
— Katy Davies

How do you design a make up look for a bride?

The first thing I do when considering a make-up design is to ask the bride to provide me with several make-up inspiration images.  I call this individual research and it helps the bride to focus on what she would like to look like on her special day. I often recommend creating a shared Pinterest board, so I can see if there is a particular theme or pattern emerging regarding the saved images, for example, they may all focus on red lips or brown smokey eyes.

The second part of the design process starts during the consultation and trial appointment. I ensure this is very thorough because I feel it is essential the bride feels comfortable and confident walking down the aisle. At the beginning of the consultation, we complete a form I designed which includes vital details, such as: style and colour of wedding gown, hair design, jewellery and flower arrangements. After this, I explore the make-up inspiration images provided by the bride. I ask several detailed questions, such as “what is it about picture A, B or C that you like?” and “are there certain aspects of picture A, B or C that you would change or combine?”.

We then begin what I call shared brainstorming, where we creatively discuss potential make-up looks. I really value a bride’s contribution and believe the make-up design should be a mutual process. With an academic background in Psychology, I understand that people explore ideas in a variety of ways, so after using visual techniques, I then ask my bride to describe her desired look in detail or if this is challenging, I prompt key words such as: “sexy”, “elegant”, “natural” etc.

After allowing my bride to express herself in a relaxed environment, I then assess my bride’s face and give my professional opinion regarding the make-up. The two main questions I ask myself are “Is this look achievable?” and “Will it compliment her wedding dress/style/theme?”. I provide a bespoke service but I am also honest and will provide guidance if I feel necessary.

Every make-up design focuses on embracing the natural beauty and features of each bride, not necessarily following trends or fashion. Throughout the trial process, I encourage input from my client and am open to experimenting with different lipstick colours, winged eyeliner, different blush tones etc and do my best to accommodate and adjust the make-up accordingly.

I usually know when we have accomplished “the” perfect look because my bride displays confidence, appears incredibly happy and can’t stop looking in the mirror. It is a moment of pure joy because I have created her vision and made her dreams a reality.

Thank you Christina for the fabulous makeup you did for me and my bridal party, we loved it! You made me look completely flawless and it lasted the whole day. You were so much fun in the morning nd it really helped me relax. Thank you!
— Cathryn Ellis Davies, Wales

Thank you so much to this very talented and lovely lady for doing our makeup. it was absolutely perfect. Christina understood exactly what I wanted from the start. great company to be around on the morning of my wedding. Amazing!!
— Laura Callaghan